Thursday June 4, 2020 AD Shawwal 12, 1441 AH
Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani
* At the same time as Eid al-Adha English translation of the honorable book “Return to Islam” written by Mansoor Hashemi Khorasani is published.
Number: 7

A part of his letter in blaming scholars of the time

The letter text:

«برگی از درخت دین نمی‌کَنند ولی ریشه‌ی آن را از بیخ در می‌آورند! خَس را از چشم مردم بر می‌گیرند، ولی کاج را در چشم خود وا می‌گذارند! مگس را از پشت مردم می‌پرانند، ولی شتر را بر پشت خود حمل می‌کنند! ظاهر خویش را می‌آرایند، ولی باطن خویش را می‌آلایند! در أنظار مردم از عسل شیرین‌ترند، ولی در پشت دیوارها از حنظل تلخ‌ترند! حقیقت را دوست می‌دارند، ولی نه به اندازه‌ی قدرت و معرفت را دوست می‌دارند، ولی نه به اندازه‌ی شهرت! آخرت را برای دیگران می‌خواهند و دنیا را برای خود! خود را از آن‌چه هستند بزرگ‌تر می‌پندارند و دیگران را از آن‌چه هستند کوچک‌تر می‌شمارند! خدا را برای خود می‌خواهند و خود را برای خدا نمی‌خواهند! حکمت را با جهالت برابر می‌دانند و نور را با ظلمت یکسان می‌شمارند! چاپلوسی جاهلان آنان را فریب داده و القاب باشکوه آنان را خوش آمده است! مصلحت را بر شریعت مقدّم می‌دارند و منفعت را بر سرِ حقیقت می‌نشانند! گمان نمی‌کنند حقیقت در چیزی باشد که منکر آنند و می‌پندارند ورای آن‌چه بدان دست یافته‌اند چیزی نیست! به خدا سوگند، اینان پا به پای عالمان امّت‌های گذشته رفته‌اند، جز این‌که آنان، الفاظِ شریعت را تحریف می‌کردند و اینان، معانیِ آن را تحریف می‌کنند! زنهار! از اینان بر حذر باشید که شما را گمراه نکنند همان گونه که عالمان امّت‌های گذشته آنان را گمراه کردند!».

Translation of the letter:

“They do not pluck a leaf from the tree of the religion but pull it all the way out from the root! They take a tiny chaff from people’s eyes but leave the pine tree in their own eyes! They remove a fly from people’s back but carry the camel on their own backs! They garnish their exterior but pollute their interior! In the eyes of people, they look sweeter than honey, but in behind the walls they are more bitter than Hanzal[1]! They like the truth, but not as much as the power and they like the knowledge, but not as much as the fame! They want hereafter for others and this world for themselves! They see themselves greater than what they are and see others smaller than what they are! They want God for themselves and do not want themselves for God! They deem wisdom and ignorance equal and consider light and darkness similar! The flattery of ignorant have deceived them and they have enjoyed the splendidly titles! They prioritize expedient to Sharia and obstruct the truth with interest! They do not ever think that truth is in what they deny and they think there is not anything beyond what they have achieved! I swear to God, they have followed every single foot step of previous scholars, except that, those were distorting the words of Sharia and these are distorting its concepts! Behold! Beware and be cautious from them so that they do not deviate you like how scholars of previous nations lead them astray!”.

Explanation of the letter:

It is clear that the purpose of his honor from scholars, is the betrayers who are wearing the outfit of scholars and carry their titles, but show enmity with the invitation of his honor to the true Islam and prevent people from accepting it, not the righteous scholars those who accept it when they hear it and say all of it is true and then they help it; because they are the best servants of God and have a high status before Him.

↑[1] . A very bitter fruit
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